Park Grubbs

111b6e4ce79491470e53a5d6da19e87b_largeDear Friends and Family,

I’m making another documentary, this time featuring the hilarious Okie ‘Park Grubbs’ prank phone calls. I’ve teamed-up with my close friends Ben Steinbauer and Tyson Meade to create this film.  These calls had a major influence on our collective sense-of-humor and informed our art, music and sensibilities. We think it has a chance to be a funny movie and we’re excited to get crackin’.

We are humbly coming to you all with another crowd sourcing effort to fund this independent documentary. Like everyone and their grandpa we have a Kickstarter fundraising campaign and it went live today. Any contribution or additional sharing and promotion would be most appreciated.

More about Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign